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In Clinic Dental Plan | Dental Shield
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Dental Shield

In Clinic Program

How does the Dental Shield

In Clinic Program Work?

Dental Shield In-Clinic Plans allow your practice to offer in-clinic preventive membership plans that cover necessary check-ups, cleanings, and x-rays, in addition to a discount on restorative and cosmetic dentistry that your practice sets.

You are in complete control of all membership fees and all discount terms and conditions.



Steps to offering the Dental Shield

In Clinic Program?

Step 1:
Clinic Registers for the Dental Shield In-Clinic Program

Step 2:
Clinic Builds their own plan using the Dental Shield on line portal.

Step 3:
Clinic uses on of the web based images to promote the program on their website

Step 4:
Patients click on the image and are directed to a custom registration page where they enrol and Dental Shield manages all customer payments and Dental Shield remits to clinic monthly payments.

Clinic’s Patient Registration Page

Ease of Use

Each Clinic has the ability to view patient membership activity 24/7 from any where there is an internet connection

Built From the Inside Out

Clinics get to choose from over 24 different Dental Shield website banners for the promotion of the in clinic program on their website.

A Custom Web Page for Patient Registration for each Clinic is included with the program and reflects the In Clinic Plan the developed by the clinic.

Step 2: Patients Choose the Membership they would like to be enrolled in

Step 3: Patient Chooses the Dentist in the Clinic and then clicks on the type of membership requested

Top Ten Reasons for offering an In Clinic Dental program

  1. Attracts new patients
  2. Builds your fee for service Patient base
  3. Taps into a proven consumer buying behavior
  4. More Word of Mouth Referrals
  5. Increases Case Acceptance
  6. Lets your patients know that Dentistry is affordable
  7. Changes your Patients attitude towards benefits they can afford
  8. Helps Patients to see that you are more than just a Dentist
  9. Brings your practice into the 21st Century
  10. Your Clinic, Your Plan, Your Patients

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