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Dental Warranty | Dental Shield
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Dental Shield Warranty Program

As a Member of Dental Shield your clinic will be able to provide a 5 year warranty on all restorative procedures that you perform.

Why offer the Dental Shield Warranty?

As a dentist, we know that your practice is sacred to you. That your name is on the line with any procedure that you perform and that you stand behind your work. And shouldn’t you expect no less from the Dental Shield Warranty you provide your patients ? A Warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Your patients want to know that the Dental Shield Warranty you provide can stand up to unexpected claims and that can only be accomplished by having and World Class insurer behind it all. Having peace of mind after a patient has undergone a major restorative procedure is important. Your membership in the Dental Shield Warranty program will do just that. The Dental Shield Warranty is backed by one of the leading insurers in the World! To find out how the Dental Shield Warranty can help you in your practice please contact us at: and a duly licensed representative will contact you to go over the program and answer any of your questions.

Providing your patients with peace-of-mind is paramount to the Dental Shield Warranty program. Your patients are investing a great deal in their oral health and appearance and they want to be sure they can count on the Warranty provided when it is needed.

Detailed Info!

Provide your Patients a Dental Shield 5 year NO-FINE print Warranty


Replacement cost

Enrollment in the program means that you can receive up to 100% of the original value of the treatment to use towards a repair or replacement.


Follows Me

If your patient moves, has a dental emergency while traveling they are protected.


Constant Assurance

Your patients are covered regardless of whether you continue to practice or not.


No Co-payments



No Deductibles !



No need to have insurance to become a member of the Dental Shield!


Integrated Benefits

If you patients currently have dental insurance the Dental Shield will integrate with current benefits!

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